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I fell in love with yoga in 2011 while pregnant with my first daughter. I found my practice not only gave me relief from the discomfort of my pregnancy, but it also renewed the energy in my fatigued body.

Soon after, I realized the deeper purpose of yoga, which goes beyond renewing the body, to renewing the mind and spirit as well. I was hooked, committed, and in love! As my practice grew, I wanted others to experience the transforming effects of yoga, and it was then that I pursued the nourishing experience of a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.Since then, I’ve been certified in Trauma-Sensitive Yoga and am currently pursuing my 500-hour training.

My purpose in teaching is to foster authenticity, mindfulness, and a happy heart in each of my classes. I will also occasionally incorporate essential oils because I have found, among their many benefits, they enhance focus, balance, and peace.

I feel fortunate to have found yoga as it weaves into my life off the mat, encouraging me to be more mindful and present with my loved ones, rather than taking me away from them. I learn more everyday about my yoga journey, and I feel honored to be able to share it with others.

– rachel –